National Alliance Newspaper, 500 Greenwich Street, #201, New York NY 10013, Tel: 212-941-9400, Fax: 212-941-8340. $15/year (50 issues).

The first issue of Probe Magazine (June/July 1989) included an article we liked on the recent history of U.S. left sectarianism, by executive editor Jacqueline Salit. The National Alliance, also edited by Salit, continues as a weekly of four or eight full-size newspaper pages. It's a house organ of the New Alliance Party, a grass-roots organization that placed Lenora Fulani on the 1992 ballot in every state and qualified for federal matching funds. Other NAP organizations are the Rainbow Lobby (not to be confused with Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition) and the Castillo Cultural Center in New York.

The major personality behind NAP is Fred Newman, a psychotherapist with a Ph.D. from Stanford and a long, gray ponytail. Chip Berlet calls him a cult leader, but then Berlet, from Political Research Associates, is always denouncing folks as right-wing, fascist, neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic, racist, homophobic, sexist, cultic, or conspiracist. When he went after Fletcher Prouty, who is on our Board of Advisors, and attacked Oliver Stone for using Prouty as "Man X" in his movie "JFK," we became interested in Berlet's links to the Democratic Party and the ADL. Since we already had a fair amount of Berlet's research in NameBase, it seemed reasonable to balance this with some NAP research on Berlet and PRA.

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